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Tshinga Dube castigates government over unity accord

by BustopTV

By Kudakwashe Vhenge. 

Former cabinet minister retired colonel Tshinga Dube castigated the marginalization of former ZAPU members in government inhis autobiography “Quite Flows of the Zambezi” which is set to be launched in the capital tomorrow (Wednesday).

Under the title Is the Unity Accord holding? which features in one of his chapters, Dube criticizes the eccentricity from the ethos of unity accord that characterizes the positioning of members of PF-ZAPU in government positions including the presidium in recent times. 

In his book the former war veterans’ minister narrated the ordealincluding the decision to have Simon Khaya Moyo assume the position of Vice President being turned down after the passing on of former Vice President John Landa NKomo.

“I have observed deviation from the original position regarding the unity accord. Following the demise of John Landa Nkomowe met as former PF-ZAPU top leadership.

“The meeting was held in Gweru under the chairmanship of Cephas G Msipa. Our Chosen candidate was Simon KhayaMoyo. A precedent was being followed. He has been the last chairman from PF-ZAPU who succeeded John Landa Nkomowrote Dube.   

This was not to be the case as former Zimbabwean ambassador to South Africa Phelekezela Mphoko was the preferred candidate to assume the position of vice president against the will of PF-ZAPU’s top leadership.

Retired Col Dube also indicated that power distribution within government is tilted towards ZANUs whilst former ZAPU members are always given second priority especially in the presidium. He wrote that PF-ZAPU leaders always find themselves playing second fiddle as witnessed by the title second vice president” which is ascribed to its vice presidents.

“From the outset vice presidents Simon Vengayi Muzenda and Joshua Mquabuko Nkomo were never equal in practical terms.Mzenda was first vice president and Nkomo as second vice president.

“Similarly vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa  was, in practical terms above vice president Mphoko although the latter denied it knowing he was the more favored between the two particularly in the eyes of Grace Mugabe,” read the book.  

The book which many contemporary readers are eagerly awaiting to interact with is expected to reveal a lot of narrations from the perspectives of the ZAPU people who have for long cried foul for being marginalized from the corridors of power.



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