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Neglect claims haunt CCC as Sikhala emerges from Jail amid party turmoil

by Bustop TV News

By Staff Reporter

Released after nearly two years behind bars, Job Sikhala, a former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MP, has launched a scathing accusation against his party, alleging complete neglect during his incarceration.

Sikhala’s freedom on Tuesday coincides with a period of deep crisis for the CCC. Party leader Nelson Chamisa, citing rampant infiltration by the ruling Zanu PF, recently announced his resignation.

In an interview on Wednesday, Sikhala said his party had beglected him whilst he was in prison.

“I want to give myself time to reflect of what has been happening and what has been the cause and foundation of the current acrimony among the protagonists in the current opposition organisation.

“I also would like to say it very openly that neither of the current protagonists in the quarrel and conflict within the opposition ranks did absolutely nothing about me when I was under incarceration.

“So there is nothing much that will interest me in their conflict. These are the people who neglected me whilst I was in prison.

“They never raised a finger, there is nothing which can be pointed out,” Sikhala said

Sikhala’s arrest in June 2022 stemmed from accusations of inciting violence to avenge the death of CCC activist Moreblessing Ali, whose legal representation he handled. He spent over a year and a half in pretrial detention before his eventual release.

Sikhala’s release and subsequent remarks add another layer of complexity to the CCC’s internal strife. With tensions high and accusations flying, the party’s future remains uncertain as it grapples with this internal schism.

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