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Busha warns against selling land amid government crackdown on Illegal land barons

by Bustop TV News

FreeZim Congress leader Joseph Makamba Busha has raised concerns over rumours circulating in rural communities, urging villagers to sell their land for fear of government eviction.

This comes as government intensifies its efforts to crack down on illegal land barons who occupy and sell communal lands without authorisation.

Addressing media recently, in Harare Busha said these rumours had instilled fear amongst citizens, particularly those residing near townships, making them vulnerable to manipulation by headmen and chiefs. 

He warned against selling land, highlighting the difficulty of reclaiming it once it was gone.

“There is a rumour spreading among villagers nationwide, advising those living near townships to sell their land as their headmen are allegedly encouraging them to do so to avoid potential government eviction.

“The government is currently taking action against illegal land barons who unlawfully occupy and sell communal lands. As a result, many citizens are feeling apprehensive about the possibility of eviction, making them more susceptible to influence from their headmen. 

“It is important to note that reclaiming the land would be challenging, so selling it may not be the most advisable course of action in this situation,” Busha said.

Busha’s concerns echo horrors of the 2005 Operation Murambatsvina, which displaced over 700,000 people from their homes.

While most reported cases are currently concentrated in Masvingo Province, the displacements reportedly affect rural, peri-urban, and even urban areas.

Recently, legislators urged the government to address the recent evictions, arrests of illegal settlers, and demolitions of their homes conducted by the authorities.

They expressed concerns that while the government is enforcing the country’s laws, the timing is inappropriate given the ongoing cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe, which has claimed many lives since last year.

The state is mandated by Section 28 of the Constitution to guarantee access to suitable housing for all individuals.

Additionally, Section 74 safeguards individuals against arbitrary evictions from their homes.

An eviction can be considered arbitrary if it lacks proper consultation with those affected, if free consent is not obtained, if there is no alternative land available for resettlement, if there has been no assessment of potential consequences, and if there are no plans or resources in place to compensate those affected. 

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