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Chamisa, Mwonzora clash over Byo party office

by Bustop TV News


By Panashe Kaseke

Tensions are high within Zimbabwe’s opposition parties, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Douglas Mwonzora and  Nelson Chamisa formerly with Citizens Coalition for Change as they clash over control of the Bulawayo party office.

The dispute arose after the office, previously occupied by Chamisa’s Citizens for Coalition Change (CCC), was repainted blue. This shift aligns with reports of Chamisa potentially forming a new party.

Mwonzora, the current MDC leader, firmly asserted ownership of the offices. “Yesterday, we discovered criminals had invaded and painted our Bulawayo offices blue,” he stated in an address.

“These offices, along with many others nationwide, belong to the MDC. Documentation proving this is readily available.”

He further accused Chamisa’s actions of being a “cheap diversion” driven by several motives.

“There are, however, many reasons behind this aggression. One is to fight a worthy enemy and get us to retaliate so that they look like victims. The second is to disturb the peaceful and steady progress that the MDC is currently making in national politics.”

“The third is to remove the great focus of the MDC by engaging us in the race to the bottom. The fourth is that they hope to get a beating from us as usual, so that they look like victims and get the sympathy of the Zimbabwean people.

“It is clear that these people are working for an outside undemocratic force. The fifth reason: these people lied to the people of Zimbabwe. They lied about preventing rigging, they lied that they would challenge the 2023 elections, and most importantly, they lied that there will be fresh elections in Zimbabwe supervised by SADC.”

Mwonzora vowed swift action to reclaim the offices, stating, “The MDC will not tolerate the theft of its hard-earned property. We will not be bullied by those seeking notoriety. Within a few days, we shall reclaim our offices, and victory is guaranteed.”

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