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Sikhala launches new ‘party’, dismisses CCC, warns of assassination threats

by Bustop TV News

By Staff Reporter

Former Zengeza West legislator, Job Sikhala, announced a new mass-based political movement during his first public address since release from prison.

In his “Statement of the Nation Address,” Sikhala clarified that this isn’t a political party, but a “broad-based mass democratic movement”

“We are not here to pronounce the emergence of a political organization but a broad-based mass democratic movement for everyone in advancement of the mass democratic struggle in the fashion of the United Democratic Front (UDF) of the 1980s in apartheid South Africa.

“This is motivated in remembrance of the great ideals held by many Zimbabweans who perished during the period of the liberation struggle, Gukurahundi and those who died since the resuscitation of the goals and aspirations of the mass democratic struggle in February 1999,” he said.

Sikhala pledged to stand by the people and urged citizens to abandon the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), calling it “contaminated.”, further expressing concerns about his safety, claiming rivals still plan to assassinate him.

“We promise that we will stand by our word and deliver in terms of our pact. We are not men and women of empty threats. We are decisive in our declarations.

“Whether I will be there with you or not, as my enemies have not shelved their plan to assassinate me for the sins best known to themselves, this process must proceed uninhibited to finality.


“With or without resources, the people shall carry out this most important task in the decisive phase of our history and our people’s struggle against tyranny for their freedom, dignity and prosperity.


“To all those who have returned their democratic right to cling to the CCC carcass, I wish them all the best in their project ,” he said. 

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