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Wadyajena arrest: ZACC under fire for fanning factionalism

by BustopTV

By Own Correspondent

 The Zimbabwe Anti -Corruption Commission (ZACC) has come under fire for allegedly pocketing large sums of bribes as it meddles in the ZANU PF factional politics, a scenario which is reportedly increasing worry among the securo-crats.

Intra-party fighting is soaring in the ruling party as potential aspiring candidates jostle for strategic positions ahead of the 2023 general elections which has seen skullduggery and smear campaigns dominating the media and judicial courts with ZACC being embroiled in the political nemesis.

Worries over ZACC activities have risen after the arrest of Gokwe Nembudziya legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena, a known close confidante of Emmerson Mnangagwa together along with Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (COTTCO) officials.

Wadyajena and Cottco managing director Pius Manamike, marketing manager Maxwell Njanji, Fortunate Molai and Chiedza Danha director for Piermont Moncroix Mauritius were arrested by ZACC on graft charges and are currently out on $200 000 bail each. According to sources within the security system, ZACC commission John Makamure is at the center of the issue after allegedly receiving a USD$25 000 from Grain Millers Association chairperson Tafadzwa Musarara.

“There is increasing worry among the top military chefs over the activities by ZACC which has seen Wadyajena being arrested on graft charges after the instigation by Musarara a suspected ally of the VP Chiwenga.

“Calls are rising to closely monitor activities of ZACC officials so that in as much as we are fighting corruption we also need to avoid politically motivated arrests that may further decentralize the party ahead of elections,” said a source within the security.

Last week the anti-graft body caused a stir on micro-blogging site, Twitter after it posted an inciting message in a bid to increase the heat against Wadyajena and team further exposing ZACC as a machine being oiled by politicians to settle personal scores within the rank and file of the ruling party. 

The statement tweeted by ZACC read, “The evidence against Mayor Justice Wadyajena is overwhelming. We have investigated him, seized his assets and issued his arrest. But we do not have the power to prosecute.

“We strongly urge the prosecution authorities to deliver justice for the people of Gokwe and Zimbabwe. We have uncovered the following evidence against Madyajena: US5,834 million stolen from public funds, trucks and trailers worth US$1,480 million. Zimbabwe deserves justices”.

The initial statement was temporarily removed to correct the error in name Wadyajena and reposted though ZACC spokesperson Makamure reportedly disowned the statement saying it was uploaded by an unauthorized personal.

“This alone shows you that the ZACC is being paid by cronies in the political game, however this is becoming a nemesis of breeding ground for factional fights at a time when the party is forging unity to try and win the elections from the threats posed by the opposition,” said political analyst Mr Guilty Nyamayaro.

“The sensitivity of this issue and the fact that it’s a pending case before the courts means all parties should not make prejudicing statements like those ones. Only a paid someone would stoop that low to make a post like that, whoever is paying the piper is certainly dictating the tune,” added Nyamayaro. 

Njanji of Mazowe Central is allegedly being persecuted for being a sword of damocles hanging over the head of Musarara’s ally Sydney Chidamba whilst Makamure is also eyeing the Gokwe Nembudziya seat which has made Wadyajena a common enemy.

He is reported to be a force to reckon within the Mazowe District politics in which he is supporting numerous party programs, developments and events ever since he declared his interests in the Mazowe seat. Njanji has been identifying himself with a lot of allies on both the grassroot level and in high corridors, his pace towards working for the party has been aggressive as he has been supporting almost every program and project.

“That is why the fight against him is being escalated to curtail him in the 2023 elections though we all know this will not work in the best interest of the 5 million votes mobilization strategies, all these divisions will work against the party,” said a source.

Though the ZACC spokesperson Mr Makamure was not available for comment an official within the body confirmed under anonymity conditions how the body is collecting bribes in rich political season.

“You have to know that we are in the season where we all want to make money and as a result these many cases presents themselves in a very tempting way.

“In as much as we do not condone corruption however sometimes the systems and procedures being adopted surely remains critical to the internal solidarity of the ruling party”.

 ZACC unholy matrimony with political stooges has seen certain cases being swept under the carpet whilst headhunting certain individuals for political vengeance and expediency.

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