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Leaked classified document exposes Zanu PF’s rogue on elections

by BustopTV

Staff Reporter

Issues of election rigging that have marred the country’s political arena for years continue to surface in recent times as confidential files as a result of confessions by the estranged political members especially those of the ruling party of ZANU PF.

Of recent is a classified letter of Joint Operations Committee (JOC) meeting that was purportedly held at the military intelligence headquarters Manyame Airbase Station outlining underhand funding of the ZANU PF by the country’s top business people and the ruling party’s erstwhile political allies in Africa.

The letter reflected the state of election funds as required by ZANU PF during their run up to the 2013 elections as well as their budgetary requirements.

“Campaign regalia will be covered by Sino Zim Chairman Mr Sam Pa who pledged 2 million T shirts and a corresponding number of caps and bandanas.

“Mbada Diamonds and Anjin Pvt Ltd donated a total of USD800 m for transport and mobilization.

“The Commissariat received USD85m from Joseph Kabila and USD 92 m from E. Guinea,” reads part of the letter.

The Nikuv narrative which pointed out an shadowy Israeli security company for masterminding election rigging which was widely castigated by the then Mugabe led Zanu PF party as conspiracy theories after their victory is also budget for in the leaked document.

“Nikuv International Projects projected a budget of USD 3 billion to secure 50% of possible adult votes,” read the part of the document.

The exposure of the incumbent victory of the country’s elections by the ruling party has taken over a number of years with the main opposition political party MDC A failing to account for the loss that they have suffered at the hands of ZANU PF.

The context of the 2013 elections which came on the backdrop of the disputed 2008 elections which saw a re-run of the same after the ZANU PF had lost to the then Tsvangirai led led MDC shows some lack adequate implementation of the law to guarantee a free and fair election.

Former ZANU PF politburo member and Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Jonathan Moyo recently released a book titled “Excelgate” in which he was exposing the ruling party’s illicit tricks in manipulating elections so as to stay in power.

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