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ED’s cabinet is illegitimate: CCC

by Bustop TV News

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has accused President Mnangagwa of nepotism following his cabinet appointments.

The new cabinet comprises of Mnangagwa loyalists and family.

In a statement, CCC’s spokesperson Promise Mwakanzi scoffed at the cabinet saying it is comprised of old individuals, and also that it is illegitimate as it is a ‘product of a disputed election.’

“This cabinet is illegitimate as it is a product of a disputed election. By going ahead with the announcing the appointments, Mr. Mnangagwa has revealed what has come to be associated with his autocratic regime, a casual disregard of, and contempt for people’s voice. The cabinet, like the just ended election, fails the credibility and legitimacy test.

“Constituted of his friends, family, loyalists and the least qualified, the cabinet is the worst since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980. It shows no interest in a positive legacy and no attempt to spur positive development. It is yet another missed leadership opportunity for Mnangagwa.

“Particularly worrying is his appointment of his son and nephew as deputy ministers of finance and tourism, respectively. Equally disturbing is his retention, from previous government, of several ministers who were rejected during his own party, ZANU PF’s primary elections, and in general elections,” Mwakanzi said.

Mwakanzi also expressed concern over the increased number of ministers from 22 to 26, leading to him saying that the government’s commitment to use resources prudently remains questionable.

“It is also concerning that to accommodate friends and family, Mr. Mnangagwa has expanded the cabinet from the previous 22 to 26 ministries or government departments. The bloated cabinet raises serious questions about the regime’s commitment to using the nation’s resources prudently,” Mwakanzi said.

During the campaigning season, opposition leader Nelson Chamisa pledged to reduce the number of ministries to 15 and emphasised the principles of meritocracy, Mwakanzi said.

“President Nelson Chamisa pledges a lean cabinet of not more than 15 ministers, and emphasizes meritocracy, and efficiency. As the leading, CCC is saying that Zimbabwe cannot afford this chaos,” he said.

Mwakanzi also added that there is a need to stand up against the chaos by continuing to peacefully resist in various ways, including working with the civil societies and regional and international actors.

“We need to take a firm stand against the chaos by continuing to peacefully resist in our various ways, and also by working in partnership with the civil society and regional and international actors, to restore sanity to our nation,” he said.

Meanwhile, the opposition has been lobbying SADC leaders to take action by organizing a fresh election in Zimbabwe after declaring the recent general election as flawed and unfair.

The CCC’s proposal includes the involvement of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union (AU) to oversee the entire electoral process, ensuring its transparency.

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