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Rural Youth Initiative Targets Youths Participation In 2023 Elections

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

Local non-profit organization Rural Youth Initiative (RYI) is urging more rural youths to participate in the forthcoming 2023 general election.

In a statement, the youth run lobby group said it intends to intensify its campaign for more rural youths to register and vote in the 2023 harmonized election.

“Locating rural youths for participation in public affairs. Guided by the INDICATOR in Mash West: 2013 77% voted, in 2018 77% YOUTHS again voted #RuralYouthInitiative aims to change the narrative; mobilizing for greater participation in 2023” read the statement

The organization also bemoaned lack of government will to avail identity documentation for youths in order for them to register to vote.

“Equipping rural youths for participation: some don’t even have IDs, aren’t cognizant of the importance of civic participation, don’t even know that their voice makes a difference”.

It also said that young people are the future hence their participation in the governance of the country is critical.

 “RuralYouthInitiative believes that young people are a force to reckon with. We are building on the momentum and zeal of young people to CHANGE societies.

“Rural youth are a dynamic force capable of strengthening foundations in societies. The problem is that of limited platforms that allow them to engage” said YRI statement.

Zimbabwe goes for the next harmonized election in 2023.

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