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Court Bars Muguti From Deregistering NGOs

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

The High Court has blocked Harare provincial development co-ordinator (PDC) Tafadzwa Muguti from deregistering NGOs, barring the embettled PDC from interfering with NGOs operations.

The NGOs  had challenged Muguti’s directive to report to him. Represented by the Tonderai Batasara of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), the high court gave a reprieve for NGOs barring Muguti from interfering with their work.

In it’s land mark judgement High Court judge Justice Esther Muremba said the act used by the Provincial Development Coordinator to coerce NGOs had not been amended therefore his actions are null and void.

“The act used by the first responded had not been ammended to incorporate the first respondences position . Until such time that is done , the first respondence cannot issue such directives to Non governmental organizations and purporte to police them. Pending confirmation or discharge of this provincial order, the applicant is granted interim relief. The respondents and all its agencies are barred from interfering with, stopping or suspending the operations of non governmental organizations.”

In a tweet ZLHR said, “In case filed by @ZLHRLawyers representing @ZimHRNGOForum & @crisiscoalition High Court ordered respondents & their agents not to interfere or enforce directive acting on press stnts by Muguti.”

Prosecutors had earlier failed to prove where the authority of the PDC was derived from, as defined by the law. 

Earlier this year Muguti ordered NGOs to submit work plans to which only 40 complied.

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