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Biti fined US$300 for verbally assaulting Russian investor

by Bustop TV News

By Staff Reporter

Former finance minister Tendai Biti was fined US$300 for verbally abusing Russian investor Tatiana Aleshina during a court case in 2020.

Biti was found guilty of calling Aleshina a “stupid idiot” while representing a client in a property dispute.

After his conviction, Biti apologised to Aleshina, mentioning the issue had been blown out of proportion and promised it will not happen again.

Handing down the sentence, magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti said he will be fined US$300.

“The court will sentence to pay a US$300 fine or face six months in jail.

Biti was additionally given six months wholly suspended sentence as he proved to have failed to control his emotions and may likely commit the same offense.

“The court is alive to sentencing guidelines. It was promulgated in 2023. Offenses committed prior to the promulgation of the  guidelines cannot be applied, so will not apply in this case.

“This conviction is not the first by the accused. The incident happened at court. The court will take into consideration that the offence was not premeditated

“The accused is a legal practitioner and should know how to handle himself. He ought to have controlled his emotions, should have understood that in a better way.

“The court will frown on his behaviour considering the titles he holds, the court is also surprised that the accused is complaining that the trial took too long. The delay is largely attributed to the accused’s conduct,” Muchuchuti added.

Muchuchuti also said the court took into consideration that he apologised. 

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