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UZ female student activist granted bail, five others remain behind bars

by Bustop TV News

By Staff Reporter

UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe (UZ) student Gamuchirai Chaburumunda has been granted bail after spending over a month behind bars.

Chaburumunda was the only female and sixth  Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) member to be arrested after staging a protest demanding the release of political prisoners Job Sikhala and Jacob Ngarivhume.

Chaburumunda was granted bail for an amount of RTGS$200 000

The other five are Darlington Chigwena, Benjamin Watadza, Emmanuel Chitima, Comfort Mpofu and Lionel Madamombe and are yet to be granted bail.

Speaking after her release, opposition Labour, Economists and African Democrats (LEAD) President Linda Masarira leader urged citizens to advocate more for the release of the other five.

“The high court has granted Gamuchirai Chaburumunda RTGS$200 000 bail. She was the only female incarcerated. More advocacy work needs to be done for the remaining five to be granted bail.

“Every accused person has the right to bail, more than 40 days in remand is a violation of human rights,” she said.

The students are also facing seven counts of disorderly conduct and malicious damage to property after they spray painted some buildings in the CBD.

It is alleged they wrote “Free Job Sikhala” and “Free Wiwa” using spray paint on seven city buildings :  Parliament of Zimbabwe, High Court of Zimbabwe, Trinity Methodist of Zimbabwe, Constitutional Court, Commercial Court, Harare Civil Magistrates Court and Runhare Building.


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