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Harare Magistrate finds Biti guilty of assault

by Bustop TV News

Tendai Biti was found guilty of assaulting businesswoman Tatiana Aleshina by Harare Magistrate Vongai Guwuriro after a lengthy trial.

The incident stemmed from a verbal altercation in 2020 at the Harare Magistrates Court, where Biti represented a client in a property dispute with Aleshina.

The magistrate’s decision hinged on witness testimonies that corroborated each other, bolstering Aleshina’s claims. While acknowledging the time lapse and potential for inaccurate recollections of specific words used, the magistrate stressed that the core incident was undisputed.

Biti’s defense, which involved raising constitutional arguments, was deemed ineffective. The magistrate emphasized the need to uphold existing laws.

The ruling highlighted that Aleshina sought medical attention and received prescriptions though she declined hospitalization. It also acknowledged the verbal confrontation and Biti’s admitted use of offensive language towards Aleshina.

Biti maintained his innocence, claiming the charges were fabricated, but the magistrate pointed to his extensive legal efforts, spanning three years, as evidence against his claims.

Biti’s attempts to avoid trial through various avenues, including appeals to the Constitutional Court and requesting the magistrate’s recusal, proved unsuccessful.

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