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Student Peer Clubs: Intensify Anti-Abortion Campaigns.

by BustopTV

By Lerato Ndlovu

Approximately 10 people commit abortion every day in Zimbabwe and about 3 of them do not survive it. Most of these terminated pregnancies are teenage and youth unwanted pregnancies, which are as a result of teenagers who indulge in unprotected sex.

In a student discussion with various University students from different institutions, the students had a fair share of stating what they believed to be taking place in the institutions.

“Abortion has become the serial killer of the day and it targets teenagers and youths that is why we felt it is important for us to join the world in fighting this act.” Said Great Zimbabwe University Former Peer Counselor Peter Chiyanike.

Chinhoyi University of Technology student Melissa Mazibeli said “peer counsellors are trying to educate and raise awareness by making sure that every notice board carries at least some educative notices on the importance of health in order to raise awareness amongst students”.

“It is a shame that some girls are deceived to thinking that abortion is a solution but in actual fact, it is a problem because chances of becoming a mother after that are slim”.

“I personally believe children are a treasure that is why in Zimbabwe we do not celebrate the illegal termination of pregnancy, despite it being stated in the country laws I believe that even the Bible is against such acts though we all do not believe in one thing.” she said “

In terms of students on campuses we know sex is a right and has become a co-module for some but let us advise each other to use protection and not be the ones to select what is wrong that will lead us all into doing this unwarranted for decision.

Abortion in Zimbabwe is illegal, as specified in the Termination of Pregnancy Act No.29 of 1977, which only permits termination of pregnancy only, when:

  • The life of the woman is endangered;
  • The child may suffer a permanent physical mental defect and
  • The foetus was conceived as a result of rape or incest.

Only authorized physicians can legally terminate pregnancies. They are consequences to such an act because one can injure their reproductive organs; might contract infections leading to ill health; barrenness; death; ectopic pregnancies or face litigation and so forth.

Abstinence; correct and consistent use of contraceptives are some of the ways one can implement to prevent abortion or one can report to the police all perpetrators of abortion. It is wise to take responsibility for one`s action.

Students should not be carried away with the freedom they get at the university and abuse it and later get themselves into messy situations which will push them to become murderers. Women should value their selves also respect the different lives they carry. They should make sure that the yet to be born are born not killed.

About 45 per cent of abortions globally are deemed unsafe, and more than 22,000 women and girls die each year after undertaking an unsafe abortion, says the Guttmacher Institutes comprehensive report published in 2018.

ike medication on the black market, but may still suffer complications due to poor drug quality, incorrect dosing or inadequate information, or a combination of these,” it reads.

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