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Zimbabwe considers dropping English for nurse training admission

by Bustop TV News

By Staff Reporter

The Zimbabwean government is considering eliminating the requirement of English proficiency for admission to nurse training programs.

This comes just a few weeks after the government’s decision to eliminate O-Level Mathematics as a prerequisite for admission to nursing training programs.

Addressing journalists during a post-cabinet briefing on Tuesday, Minister of Health and Child Care Douglas Mombeshora stated that proficiency in other subjects taught in English demonstrates one’s ability to communicate effectively in the language.

We are still looking at other issues, such as whether passing English with a C is important. After all, anyone who has passed all their subjects has been taught in English. Additionally, in universities outside Zimbabwe, English is used for communication, not as a hurdle to overcome like it is if you want to pursue a degree in English itself.


“So we will keep on reviewing and make sure that we make accessibility to training in various disciplines affordable and accessible to all citizens of Zimbabwe,” Mombeshora said.

In prior years, aspiring nurses were required to achieve a grade of C or higher in Mathematics, English, and Science to qualify for training.

Mombeshora added that the Maths subject requirement has been leaving many people with capacity simply because they did not pass the subject at O level.

“We are actually leaving a lot of people who have the capacity and capabilities out of the training because of Maths, you know very much that Maths has not been a subject that is passed well.

“Applicants for the latest intake, whose deadline is 21 April are required to have “a minimum of 5 O’ Level subjects with passes in English Language and a science subject and three others (excluding practical subjects which are fashion and fabrics, metal work, graphic art, and woodwork) at Grade C or better obtained at not more than two sittings with full certificates as examination result slips are not accepted,” he added.

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