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Shingi Munyeza blasts gvt over poor health care delivery.

by BustopTV

By Paidashe Mandivengerei

Presidential advisor and local businessman, Shingi Munyeza has blasted government for failing to provide machinery in public hospitals and paying doctors a reasonable wage.

Munyeza went onto slam officials who are celebrating the delivery of babies by an ‘old’ midwife in unsafe conditions while the health system is deteriorating.

A lady from Harare’s high density, Mbare suburb was applauded by the government for her ‘heroic’ acts when she assisted over a hundred expecting mothers to deliver in her home following a crippling strike by health workers.

In a video clip uploaded today on his twitter page, Munyeza said he was fed up with government not addressing the dire situation in public hospitals.

Doctors went on strike over three months ago over meagre salaries and bad working conditions.

“We have a problem in the health sector the doctors are not paid enough to even come to work and we expect them to save lives and if they don’t come to guess what we do because we are not operating at the capacity we should, we lock the hospitals capacity lost immediately.

An old lady is now beginning to be a midwife in a miserable situation we go out there and celebrate that and make it headlines that look at how we have become geniuses of beating the system and shrinking the capacity.

We cannot do that, we cannot bow down to a reducing capacity in our time, under our watch.

We want those hospitals to be opened because we need our capacity up.

When a whole establishment comes and says we are now locking up the hospitals it means we are shrinking further and further capacity is lost so we sit and blame.

Women are languishing in pain while giving birth without pain killers in this era and you want to celebrate that.”

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