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Bulawayo organisation runs donate a pad campaign

by BustopTV

By Lerato Ndlovu

Intombi – Nto a Bulawayo based trust in collaboration with Kuchena wear and Rotaract Club of Belmont is running a donate a pad drive for vulnerable girls that cannot afford sanitary wear.

One of Ntombi- Nto founders, Phatisiwe Bhudaza explained that it was the first time they had embarked on such an initiative, stating that they decided to do so because sanitary wear is now expensive in Zimbabwe and some pupils can’t afford such necessities.

“The joint effort between the trust, kuchena wear and the Rotaract club is an attempt to decrease low esteem especially for those from low income communities promote hygiene within the women,” she said.

“Yes, we had a few people who came through with donations but they are never enough and giving others the responsibility to do so seemed a bit selfish hence we saw it wise to take it upon ourselves to do it for our communities”.

She went on to say that it is the trusts dream to supply girls around the country with reusable pads which are more affordable.

“We have noticed that a number of girls around the country miss out on school because of such a crisis, every woman deserves to walk tall and be confident of who she is not look down upon herself because she cannot afford to get such an important commodity.

“It is our dream to create a sustainable plan to secure girls around Zimbabwe with monthly supplies of pads that we purchase on our own or receive as donations for such an initiative.

“Looking at reusable pads it stands as an initiative that was done by a number of Rotaract Clubs around the country basing on the fact that the economy is not stable hence resorting to them making the pads for some communities hence for this initiative we will be working with the Belmont Club.”

The Zimbabwe Rotaract Clubs started the initiative some years ago training school children, communities and women in prison how to make the sanitary wear for themselves so as to avoid infections from unhygienic materials.

“We have also noticed a number of girls who miss out on school for about 4-5 days monthly, due to the lack of sanitary wear and we believe no girl should miss school because of this. Every woman deserves to walk tall and be confident she can do great things. It is our dream to create a sustainable plan to secure girls around Zimbabwe with monthly supplies of pads. We are also looking to supply reusable pads.”

Ms Ronica Kamba the founder of Kuchena wear said that their collaboration with her brand is based on a certain percentage of purchases of her brand.

“Kuchena wear designs African Attires in the country, as a woman owned brand I believe no woman should suffer whilst having to face nature which enables life to be brought to the world.

“From clients that come to purchase things from us we have a percentage of the total cost that we will channel towards pad donations, for those who would like to know more about us and support the drive they can follow us on Instagram and Facebook”.  

Ladies Hub Director Miss Nyasha Bandera in regards to menstrual hygiene said it should not be celebrated as a one day event since it is a necessity to the wellbeing of women.

“Having the menstrual hygiene day could have more impact if it’s not only seen as a once off event where women and girls acquire education on hygiene as well as having sanitary wear, rather since we have vulnerable women in the society I see the need for this act of sanitary wear accessibility to be a usual and regular activity so that we cover up the gap of scarcity.

“Having such initiatives of assisting the vulnerable faminine society will assist them in having improved hygiene as well as reduction of infections due to the use of harmful materials when they cannot have propers sanitary wear,” she said.

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