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Zaka’s poor roads block access to social services

by Bustop TV News

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Zaka – The Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD) has Zaka district is failing to implement key projects due to its poor road infrastructure.

A survey carried out by COTRAD revealed that many roads to social service centers are in a terrible state.

The Department of District Development Fund (DDF) and the Zaka Rural District Council has been blamed for failing to maintain the roads.

In an interview Sally Mabhura a resident from Zaka Ward 22 said people need to travel to Zaka growth point to access different services there but now this has become a challenge due to the deteriorating road infrastructure.

“Zaka growth point is our centre point and many activities take place there. Right now most organisations no longer visit their wards due to the poor roads.

“There are NGO’s which used to come and help us with food and money but now they are no longer coming and we all know it is because of the state of the roads. Those responsible should come up with a long lasting solution,” she said.

Zaka Ward 19 Councilor, Peter Imbayarwo said the heavy rains in the country worsened the situation.

“Last year and this year we experienced heavy rains and this has affected the roads and now is a cause of concern. This has also affected the traveling of residents, social service organisation that used to come with food relief and fund for residents are now failing to access certain areas. Most residents rely on farming and now it is difficult for them to transport their produce to the Grain Marketing Board.
We have also proposed for a grader to use for the upgrade of the roads so we budgeted for it our 2021 budget so that it will ease the road maintance,” he said.

Speaking on the survey findings, COTRAD official Ishmael Kupfuwa called on government to urgently address the issue.

“As COTRAD we call upon the Zaka RDC and public officials to respond to the infrastructure development concerns raised by the people. We also encourage villagers to fearlessly and peacefully engage public officials and relevant ministries to present issues affecting their communities.
The Zaka RDC should prioritize and attempt to improve services and infrastructure in rural areas. It is enshrined under section 276 of the constitution that, the rural district councils should raise sufficient revenue for them to carry out objectives and responsibilities in areas of their jurisdiction,” he said.

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