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Drop your egos, Malema urged G40s

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira
Speaking at an EFF event over the weekend, South Africa’s EFF leader Julius Malema has appealed to exiled former G40 remnants to put aside their egos and come together towards building one united cause if they hope to dislodge President Emmerson Mnangagwa from power.
“To former Ministers of President Mugabe, you must put aside your egos and come together. We cannot have a situation where you’re all in exile, and you’re putting forward individual campaigns.
“We are not going to support individuals; we will support the cause. We will not support individuals who think they are bigger than the cause,” said Malema.
In attendance at the event was Patrick Zhuwao, a relative of Mugabe and former Cabinet Minister under the Mugabe regime
Malema went on to implore the exiled former G40 kingpins to join forces with a party that already has space in Zimbabwe
“Join forces even with EFF Zimbabwe, and we’ll support you. But if there’s going to be a competition of egos with people declaring themselves in Presidents even before they have launched a party, then we are not going to support you,” said Malema.
This was in an apparent reference to former Zanu-PF Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere who recently voiced his desire to contest against President Mnangagwa in 2023.
Responding on his twitter handle Professor Jonathan Moyo, said that he agreed in principle with what Malema said

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