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Report for duty or face further recalls, Tshabangu tells CCC MPs and councillors

by Bustop TV News

By Staff Reporter 

CONTROVERSIAL Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) ‘interim secretary general’ Sengezo Tshabangu has written to all party legislators and councillors to report for duty following their disengagement decision.

Tshabangu allegedly appointed himself CCC interim secretary general and wrote to the parliament recalling 15 members of parliament from the party saying they had ceased to be members of the party.

Chamisa has formally rejected Tshabangu’s claims, describing him as an impostor.

Chamisa resultantly decided that all CCC officials are disengaging from parliament and local councils business until the recalled members are reinstated.

Before the disengagement move, Chamisa had written to speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda urging him to disregard Tshabangu.

However Mudenda ignored Chamisa and went on to announce to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission vacancies of those CCC legislators who were recalled.

Reacting to Chamisa’s disengagement of the CCC officials, Thursday, Tshabangu ordered all of them to return to work.

“According to the Parliament Hansard, CCC Members of the National Assembly were as a matter of fact and law suspended for six (6) sittings with immediate effect, which equates to two weeks of sittings.

“Once this suspension has been served, all CCC Members of the National Assembly, as well as Members of the Senate, must attend all parliamentary programmes, activities and sittings without fail, save in circumstances seeking or requiring verifiable medical attention or compassionate leave.

“Members of the Senate should continue to attend all Parliamentary programmes, activities and sittings without fail,” said Tshabangu in a statement.

Tshabangu also issued a stern warning, stating that any CCC member in the National Assembly or Senate who fails to adhere to his directives will face immediate recall from their parliamentary or local authority positions.

Additionally, the self-proclaimed interim secretary general disregarded a letter circulating on social media that sought to undermine Chamisa’s leadership within the party

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