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CCC disengage from parliament, council

by Bustop TV News

By Staff Reporter 

MAIN opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa Wednesday announced his party was disengaging from participating in parliamentary and council activities until current issues are resolved, following recent chaos. 

This comes after Sengezo Tshabangu who claims to be CCC’s interim secretary general last week wrote to speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda withdrawing 15 CCC members saying they had ceased to be party members.

He emphasized the existence of a constitutional crisis in Zimbabwe and appeals to the international community and even members of the ruling Zanu PF to join in the fight against illegitimacy in the country, highlighting the widespread impact of poverty.

Addressing a press conference in Harare, Chamisa said no parliament or council business is going to happen until there is a dialogue to reverse recall of his MPs from parliament.

“We are going to disengage from parliament and council until this issue is resolved.

“When I say disengage, it does not mean they have withdrawn, they are disengaging meaning to say no business shall be transacted until remedy or justice is done.

“We are putting on notice all stakeholders including civic society, SADC, AU, EU and the international community including the United Nations that we have a constitutional crisis in Zimbabwe,” Chamisa said.

Zimbabweans will have to vote for Parliamentarians in the 15 constituencies barely two months after a general election.

With Zanu PF denied a two-thirds majority, these elections could potentially provide President Emmerson Mnangagwa with the chance to secure it and thereby gain enough power to amend the constitution in his favor, a concern expressed by CCC and analysts

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