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Paradzai Kwara hoping to be a Sungura  great

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Sungura newcomer, Paradzai Kwara, hopes to make it in the Sungura elite club after releasing his debut six track album titled Kumusha this year.

The 48 year old Gwara Express band leader believes that his music can make it in the hall of fame of Sungura as his work is quite unique from all that has been produced.

Speaking to this publication, Kwara said that he would not have recorded if it was not for his dreams.

“I knew I was talented but I never really think of recording till I almost lost my life. Hope dzaindinyanyira dzekuimba idzi ndaitorota ndochiridza magitare (I had dreams of me singing and playing the guitar). Ever since I recorded my first song, I have a goal to make it in the big leagues. I am confident of my music and the more people hear it I know that the power of the music will draw them to want more,” he said.

Having listened to his album, the music is largely a social commentary in a rich mold which Zimbabweans have longed for in a while.

His beat is not similar to anyone known but it is the tempo, melodies and harmonies that makes the music belong to the Sungura genre.

Paradzai Kwara and the Gwara Express band”s debut six track album contain gems that are simply waiting to be discovered. 

It is the title track of the album that has big messages to everyone who leaves in towns as it gives an explanation of the struggles that are being faced by the average citizen daily. In the song, the musician tells his mother and relatives that he will come back to the village if all goes well.

Other songs on the album are Bepa, Chenai, Dhiya, Godo and Kadhumba.

Born in Chegutu and schooled at Chirundazi Primary School and Mutukwa Secondary School, the Gwara Express band  front man said that he began singing in School though he was never serious.

“I would sing at School for fun and sometimes my singing was to fulfill my desire for mischief. I remember I once joined the choir following a girl and when she turned me down I kept on going just to disturb her. But my teacher said I could really sing so I stopped going to the choir. Thinking of it now makes me realize that it has always been in me, “said  Kwara.

His first album was recorded at Pakare Paye Studios and Kabon Studios. Gwara Express is made up of eight band members.

His music is available in record stores and his Facebook page.


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