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Ecocash increases transaction limits.

by BustopTV

ECOCASH has increased daily and monthly transaction limits for merchants or bill payments and for single transactions. The monthly limits for customers not linked to bank or debit card have been increased to $20,000, up from $10,000, while customers linked to debit cards can now transaction up to $35,000. Customers linked to a bank can now transact $150,000 monthly, up from $50,000. The executive grade now can transact up to $250,000, up from $100,000. The daily transactions debit card limit has risen from $2,000 to $5 000 for customers not linked to a debit card. Those linked to debit cards have their limits increased to $10,000. When sending money, EcoCash used to have a limit of $1,000 but it has been increased to $5 000.– The Herald

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