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Reign targets international market, calls local industry a baby

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Reggae dancehall and lovers rock artist, Reign, has said that he is targeting the international market and referred to the local industry a baby which is yet to grow.

Speaking to this publication Reign said that Zimbabwe still has a long way to go in the arts industry. “Zimbabwean industry has a long way to go because so far talking in terms of recognition internationally we are still babies.” “Comparing ourselfs with our neighbouring countries we are miles below but musically we have great talent and potential,” said Reign.

The artist added that language should not be a factor to determine how good one is.

“As Zimbabweans, we should stop discouraging the youths who want to make it internationaly who sing in English or Jamaican partois saying it is borrowed. We are fruits of what was exposed to us and we do not need 20 more Jah Prayzahs. Imagine if South African Nasty C sang only Zulu, where would he be internationally?,” asked Reign.

The artist who said that he grew up listening to RnB, Hiphop, reggae and our local music also said that he has worked with a lot of artists but the journey has not been easy.

He said, “My journey has been full of ups and downs because of the state of our country we cannot depend on our talent so we spend most of our time hunting to make ends meet. ko tiri maghetto youths but l promise great works 2020. “My intention is to motivate and empower the youth and everyone by being able to cross borders yeah l am fighting for the international market. I have worked with Nolimits, Lekay, BigBass and Skyline Studios on my audios. Visuals, I am working with Zizi media, Leov and Solis Bizzaro. I have featured Natasha Muz ,Ishan, Dhobha Don and Stunner,” he added.

Reign has been releasing singles and is yet to come with a compilation. He has been making good music and he said 2020 will be the time he shares his art on a wide scale.

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