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Stormza Plots Festive Tunes

by Trevor Makonyonga

Phila “Stormza” Nkiwane has been making waves in the music scene with a string of hits dominating the local airwaves. As the festive season approaches, partygoers and social butterflies are filling up their calendars, and artists are no exception.

In an interview with Bustop TV, Stormza revealed his plans for the upcoming season. “I’m in the studio crafting tunes to elevate the festive vibes,” he shared enthusiastically.

One of Stormza’s notable tracks is “Farewell,” a touching tribute to the late playwright Cont Mhlanga, founder of Amakhosi Theatre Productions.

Expressing his ambitions, Stormza stated, “I aim to build a solid fanbase as both a producer and an artist. Collaborations have been a significant part of my journey, working with talents like Asaph, Sizfire, Thuts Rodney, Streetking, Jiggy X, and more.”

When questioned about the music industry in Bulawayo, Stormza offered his perspective. “There’s a wealth of talent, but I see it more as a community of gifted individuals rather than a structured industry. Personally, my music transcends borders; it’s not confined to Bulawayo alone.”

Discussing his sources of inspiration, Stormza took a different route. “Many artists talk about icons, but for me, it’s about the real encounters. I was captivated by Sizifire’s performance at #Tag Lounge. It led to a connection; I reached out, and that led to collaboration. Working with someone you admire is like a dream come true.”

Stormza emphasized, “Sizifire is someone revered by every aspiring artist in Bulawayo.”

Currently I’m also looking into collaborations with artist beyond our borders in South Africa like DJ Cleo and buster 929.

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