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Seh Calaz endorses ‘Dhomoka’ singer

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Coincidence is often rare, especially in the arts industry.

What are the odds that Seh Calaz posts a young girl singing Dhomo when the artist who sang the song was making a re-recording the song?

On Wednesday, Seh Calaz posted a video of a young girl singing Fidel Countryboy’s Dhomo which has bagged over 11000 views.

Fidelis”Fidel Countryboy” King released a remake of the song on Thursday.

Speaking to Bustop TV, the 23-year-old chanter said that he was humbled that the song had gone that viral.

“Someone sent me a link to the video on Seh Calaz Facebook page. I was humbled that she was singing lines from the previous work that I did when I still used the name, King Fidel. I was not willing to re-record the song because I felt that I had outgrown the lyrics. My producer, Marz then listened to it and he pushed me to start recording the song again.”

Kings of the Weekend co-founder, Shepherd “DJ Mockery” Buruma told this reporter that he felt the song was long overdue as it was Fidel’s cash cow in the heydays.

DJ Mockery said, “King Fide would wow crowds back then when he sang that song. I always asked him why he did not record the song properly because it was a hit at all the passa passas.”

His partner at Kings of the Weekend, Jeffrey “MC Kili Kili” Ndlovu concurred with his partner and reiterated that Boss Yala had endorsed his song.

“I feel the song was long overdue. Maybe some other artist could have recorded it. It is good that Boss Yala has endorsed the song in the same week Fidel released his song.”

Producer of the song, Marz on the Beat, added that he enjoyed the song when he was younger and was eager to remake it.

“King Fide had a good sing-along which stuck to my mind. We spent three weeks working on the song and on Thursday we released it. It was nice to hear a small girl singing the old version of the song on Seh Calaz Facebook page. If people reacted to the cover by the little girl what more of the actual song?”

Fidel also has two new songs namely Kudhakwa and DJ Pulla.

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