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MPs cry over ZW$72.000 salaries, demand pay rise

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By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Legislators have expressed their disgruntlement over their ZW$72000 salaries, indicating that there are in dire need of salary increment, Norton Member of Parliament (MPs), Themba Mlisa told the National Assembly. 

It is reportedly said that the MPs are pressing for the salary increment because they have indicated that the ZW$72.000 RTGS they are getting now is not enough for them to take their children for tertiary education.

A number of the legislators are said to be depending on workshops organized by NGOs in hotels to supplement the salaries and maintain their standard of living.

Speaking at the National Assembly Norton MP Themba Mlisea said:
“Mr Speaker Sir, the issue of welfare of the Members of Parliament needs to be fixed. Just having been to a workshop, you see that MPs are more for workshops to try and get that extra money.

“Most of them have got children at tertiary institutions that have not gone to school because of school fees not being paid.  The remuneration that we are getting of ZW$72000 is not meeting the basic requirements for them,” he said.

Moreover, Mliswa blamed the “poor” salaries being given to MPs stressing out that there are the catalyst to the legislators underperformance.

He also revealed that some MPs are eager that the government will increase their pay though there are scared to demand the salary increment because of fear to be recalled from the parliament.

Meanwhile, apart from their RTGS$72.000 monthly salaries, legislators also get sitting allowances.

They were previously pegged at RTGS$700 per day they sit to conduct Parliament activities but the allowance was reviewed.

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