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ZANU PF is behind the ‘fraudulent’ recalls: CCC

by Bustop TV News

The opposition Coalition for Change (CCC) has accused  the ruling Zanu-PF for engineering  thecrecent recalls within their party.

The recalls of members of parliament and councillors were done by Sengezo Tshabangu, who claims to be CCC’s interim Secretary General.

Addressing journalists today, CCC national deputy  spokesperson, Gift Ostallos Siziba, said Zanu-PF’s intentions behind these recalls are transparent, stating that they aim to create a controlled opposition and punish the CCC for resisting their manipulative tactics.

“One might question why all of this is happening. Well, the reason is that Zanu-PF is intentionally attempting to secure a two-thirds majority by any means necessary. This is why they have systematically employed impostors to disrupt our MPs.

“Their intentions and involvement in these recalls are clear; they seek to create an opposition that they can control. Hence, they are punishing us for refusing to allow this to happen,” Siziba said.

Siziba added that Zanu-PF is intentionally hindering CCC’s access to political finances.

“It is evident that Zanu-PF does not want the CCC to access the political finances that we are entitled to after winning a significant number of seats in Parliament, even in a flawed election,” he said.

Siziba added that their President, Nelson Chamisa, wrote to the Secretary of Parliament  Jacob Mudenda, highlighting the error in the actions taken against CCC MPs and that Tshabangu doesnt represent their movement. 

“As the CCC National Assembly, we mandated our President, Nelson Chamisa, to write to Parliament, emphasizing that there was an error in their actions and that the person who wrote the letter recalling CCC MPs does not represent our movement.

“The Speaker of Parliament has responded by stating that the matter has been submitted to the courts, and we are awaiting further developments, Siziba said.

Meanwhile, CCC recently filed a criminal case against Sengezo. 

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