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Winky D’s Ghettocracy Score: A ballad of 20 years’ struggles and dreams  

by Bustop TV News


HARARE- As December the month of joy and festivities stretches its final limbs, Harare hums with a different heartbeat.

The Harare International Conference Center (HICC), a concrete giant, awaits a baptism of sound, a sonic revolution led by the undisputed maestro of ZimDancehall, Winky D.

Who on New Year’s Eve is set to launch his highly anticipated project “Ghettocracy Score,” which isn’t just a collection of tracks but a symphony of lived experiences, an epistle penned in sweat and grit.

The anticipation surrounding Ghettocracy Score’s launch has attracted partygoers from all walks of life, drawn to it like a cartoon vagabond to a pie on a windowsill.

With the first batch of tickets already sold out, the 8000 capacity venue is expected to be filled to the brim, turning the HICC into a haven for music lovers.

No doubt Winky D’s album launch on New Year’s Eve promises to be a momentous affair, unlike any of his previous albums.

This project isn’t just the culmination of two decades of dominance; it’s a victory lap etched in struggles overcome.

It’s Eureka Eureka on steroids, Gombwe with wings, Njema amplified. It’s Winky D, stripped bare, sharing the tapestry of his soul, thread by thread.

But Ghettocracy Score isn’t just Winky’s story; it’s the collective heartbeat of the ghetto youths.

It’s their anthem, their lament, their whispered hope.

It’s the dusty streets, the empty bellies, the dreams dancing in the moonlight. It’s the sting of injustice, the echo of defiance, the quiet yearning for a better tomorrow.

Through two promo visuals shared on YouTube, Winky D showcases his artistic prowess and narrates the odyssey of his musical journey and personal hardships.

These visuals serve as a testament to the fact that any individual from humble beginnings, like the Ghetto Youth, can rise to stardom by making morally upright choices.

The first, a poignant 2:51 minute glimpse, portrays Winky D as the protagonist who has endured and persevered to reach his current status of respect and success.

In its inception Winky D portrays his humble beginning at dusty ghetto streets of Kambuzuma where he walks through poverty’s gaunt alleys, painting vivid pictures of inequality and social injustice

A message to the Ghetto Youths that they can conquer whatever obstacle or challenges their face, one righteous choice at a time.

The snippet concludes with Winky D calmly reading a book titled “Ghettocracy Score: Reading Through The Pages of Rokesheni,” symbolizing his achievements reflected on his lived experiences of struggle and dreams.

Similar to the artistic meaning behind Winky D’s work, the apostle Paul spoke of epistles written not with ink, but with the spirit of God on fleshly hearts.

In “Ghettocracy Score,” Winky D conveys the idea that his music, spanning nearly two decades, reflects the lived experiences of himself and his fans. He addresses political and social ills, economic injustices, and socio-economic disparities, providing a legitimate discourse for ghetto youths to draw inspiration, motivation, and hope.

Winky D began his musical journey in 2004, marking a significant milestone with his inaugural album, “The Devotee.”

Throughout the early stages of his career, he fearlessly engaged in rap battles against MCs and prominent ZimDancehall artists to earn his name among the greats and eventually stood tall amidst the Dancehall fraternity.

Moreover, over the years Winky D has fearlessly denounced the prevailing corruption and mismanagement within the system, advocating vehemently for the marginalized and underprivileged sections of society.

As time has passed, Winky D has remained unwavering in his commitment to speaking truth to power through his recent albums Njema, and Eureka Eureka.

Incessantly championing the cause of the masses, particularly those who have been silenced and marginalized.

The second video, a 41:32 mixtape, is a time machine.

It whisks you back to his raw beginnings, milk for ears not yet ready for meat.

But time has seasoned Winky D, and now he serves you the prime cut – the wisdom gleaned from 20 years of navigating the music jungle.

Ghettocracy Score isn’t just an ordinary music project but a social class currency for the Ghetto Youths to resist corruption and crime, encouraging them to make morally upright choices and become living testimonies for their families, friends, neighbors, and society at large.

It’s the language of hope whispered to those with calloused hands and dusty dreams. It’s the fire that ignites their ambition, the compass that guides them through the storms of doubt.

It’s more than just music; it’s a movement. It’s Winky D, not just performing, but preaching.

He spreads the gospel of love, peace, and harmony, his voice a balm on the wounds of injustice.

The countdown to the launch echoes with anticipation.

Fans yearn to bathe in this symphony of struggles and dreams, to walk hand-in-hand with Winky D through the alleys of his past and glimpse the bright horizon of their own futures.

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