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Bulawayo novelist on the rise

by Bustop TV News

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Bulawayo – 21 year old writer, Nobhekimpilo Vivica Mbovora is aiming at giving her career a major boost with more publications empowering women whose rights are infringed.

With two self published novels, Mbovora believes in telling her own story rather than having someone else do it.

Her greatest inspiration is late African-American aviator, Bessie Coleman.

Although she has been criticized for her work, Mbovora believes after reading a lot of work by feminists the ideas were reinforced in her hence she became one.

Through her work she calls for gender equality and a stop to women stereotyping. According to her women are still oppressed as most of their labour is not paid for.

In her novel ‘How to become a feminist’, which is yet to hit the market she tackles social ills affecting women. 

“In my book, ‘How to become a feminist’ my target audience is everyone, l want everyone to know and understand what feminism is all about as this should be known. People should know the beauty of feminism and how it brings positive change in the society. There are a lot of theories around feminism which are negative and this should be a thing of the past.

“Boys and girls must be given the same roles and duties, women should see their worth and women should not lose their value and not view marriage as something one achieves like what most women are doing. Women have a lot of work load but still they are still being looked down at,” she said.

Another novel she penned down ‘15secrets of becoming a straight A student’ has bought a lot of changes in students lives.

“The novel brings positive change to the lives of school children in high school. Most students believe that if they fail they are dull which is not true as intelligence is not fixed. So this book then focuses on what they should do if they want to pass, how to write home works, time managements and how and when to do past exam papers. Students fail as they do not know to study so this book will guide them,” she said.

Mbovora is currently studying Computer Sciences at National University of Sciences (NUST) in Bulawayo.

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