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Magamba, Transparency Int’ Kenya ‘interrogates’ corruption in new web series


By Staff Reporter 

Zimbabwe’s leading creative organization Magamba Network in collaboration with Transparency International Kenya are set to release a political satire web series entitled ‘Let me show you’. 

The web series set for release this month features some of Kenya and Zimbabwe’s celebrated actors- Tinaye Wayne, Munya Gururmatunhu,  Richard Maina Munene and Susan Justine Opwanda, to mention a few. 

The web series will be launched on Magamba TV Youube channel and Transparency International Kenya digital platforms. 
The web series is packed with humor and seeks to interrogate corruption and public finance management as well as raise awareness on illicit financial flows that exist in both Zimbabwe and Kenya. 

The project targets Africa’s youthful demographic which has often been disadvantaged and remains at the receiving end of such issues. The web series is produced by Magamba’s  production house Magamba TV, one of Zimbabwe’s most well-known satire brands which is  behind the hits Gazaland Police Station and The Week With Comrade Fatso.

Magamba Africa Project Officer Nyasha Ngonidzashe Mukapiko said the web series is meant to  shine a light on corruption issues on the African continent.

“We focused on corruption and public finance management in Africa because we have noticed  these issues are a cancer which have left many young people impoverished across the continent,”  he said.

Transparency International Kenya Deputy Programmes Coordinator Caroline Giathi said using satire was meant to make the information appealing and exciting to the target audience.

“We decided to use satire and content creation to promote freedom of expression online, advocate for social justice and increase young people’s access to alternative information. 

We thought we needed to use satire because the normal investigative stories that are being done in the form of articles or videos do not appeal to the youths in particular,” she said.

The collaboration is part of Magamba’s Coalition project which sees it working across Africa using arts, digital media and tech in the struggle for social justice. The project is a partnership under the Consortium to Promote Human Rights, Civic Freedoms and Media Development (CHARM) with several civil society organisations across the African continent.

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