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Seh Calaz set to lose money amid losing control of YouTube Account

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By Staff Reporter

Zim-Dancehall sensation Tawanda “Seh Calaz”Mumanyi is bound to lose large amount of money from Youtube earnings after his management lost control of their internet video platform account.

Mubhanditi as he is affectionately known by his legion of fans lost a Youtube account with more than ten thousand subscribers living him to opt for a new account which only had 5000 subscribers as of yesterday evening.

Speaking to this publication Seh Calaz manager Priston Maporisa confirmed the development sighting that they had realized that the a company they had tasked to manage their Youtube account had further contracted another Nigerian company which was prejudicing them of their Youtube royalties.

We had initially contracted Kosha Media to manage our Youtube account but we realized that they had went on to contract Jungle Entertainment a Nigerian media firm which made us not to have control of our account.

“After making a video, we would sent it to Kosha Media which would forward it to Jungle entertainment for uploading as we did not have log inn details hence we could not realize how much money we were making per month,” explained Maporisa.

The Youtube changing will see the artist loosing thousands of dollars from VEVO Youtube views. To curb this anomaly, Seh Calaz management is making efforts to merge the two accounts into one account.

“We are actually in the process of merging the two accounts so that we keep all our subscribers and maintain control of our Vevo account. This will help us with distributing royalties to our respective producers as our music comes from different producers,” added Maporisa.

Tannia Ngwenya of Kosha Media said that they are assisting in the merging of the two accounts but said there was a breach of contract as the opening of a new account was done without their knowledge.

“Yes we are working to merge their two channels. However we are hoping he (Seh Calaz) would choose to make the main channel the VEVO channel as it makes more money than their ordinary Youtube account.

“Yes there was a breach of contract but you know with Zimbos there is no point in fighting them on that,” said Ngwenya.

A lot of Zimbabwean artists are losing lots of money as a result of not being conversant with digital media platforms earnings.Some sections of the arts sector have called in the government to put in place policies that guarantee artists of their remittances at the height of piracy.

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