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Mbuya Gwena threatened with legal action.

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Gogo Gwena, real name, Esther Gwena who has been running a maternity ward at her place in Mbare has been threatened with legal action if she does not stop her operations.

The old woman who got media attention in the past few weeks for helping women deliver in her own bedroom following a nationwide strike by medical staff members have been asked to stop practicing her midwifery services.

Speaking to this publication, Gogo Gwena said she felt obliged to assist all the women who would have come to Edith Opperman a maternity municipal clinic as they would be turned away because there were no nurses and the only alternative would be her place as she stayed close by.

With nurses at Edith clinic having returned back to work after a fruitful salary discussion with their employer, the nurses have advised Gogo to refer all expecting mothers to the clinic and cease her operations.”Nurses from the local maternity hospital have told me to refer all cases to them as they said they have gone back to work. So since then, I have been referring all women to the hospital. I have since stopped receiving people because I fear they may sue me,” said Gogo Gwena.

The old lady has defied all odds as she is said to have always helped people to deliver their babies without complications. Due to the shutdown of the Edith Opperman Hospital, many people started flocking to her house for maternal assistance.

Gogo Gwena is said to have delivered more than 250 healthy babies so far.

The old lady had for the past few weeks gained her a few sympathizers that include the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and many other that have been visiting and donating to make her work healthier, safer and easier.

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I am worried about mother to baby HIV transmission.

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