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Mbeki Given A Copy Of Excelgate.

by BustopTV

Staff Reporter

Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, who was in Zimbabwe early this week on a mission to facilitate dialogue between President Emerson Mnangagwa and MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, is reading Excelgate, a book that purports to show how the 2018 presidential election results were manipulated to favour the ruling ZANU PF party.

Excelgate was authored by former ZANU PF politburo member and cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo.

In the book, Ibbo Mandaza, in his foreword, claims that a server which was designed to record the results electronically was severed illegally and irregularly and then replaced with an Excel spreadsheet into which data was manually and fraudulently entered.

Moyo also alleges that the unadulterated election results indicated that Chamisa had won the elections by a landslide, garnering 66% of the vote, while Mnangagwa received just under 33%.

Mandaza told the media that Mbeki was given a copy of Excelgate through Advocate Mojanku Gumbi, a human rights lawyer who accompanied Mbeki to Harare and served as Mbeki’s special adviser during his time at the President of South Africa.

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