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Makokoba MP lauds WFP-DCA

by BustopTV

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Member of Parliament (MP) for Makokoba, James Sithole on Monday applauded the World Food Programme (WFP) and DCA for donating aid to his constituency.

In an interview with this publication, Sithole said the intervention by the two donors has helped the vulnerable in his area.

“These interventions by the two organizations towards alleviating poverty to the less fortunate people of my constituency, is very much appreciated,” he said.

Sithole, who won the election in 2018 ahead of Zanu PF’s Tshinga Dube, described the donations as a blessing in disguise considering the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is also important to note that this programme started before the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, which has worsened the situation.

“However, considering the welfare of the communities that had already been affected by the prevailing socio-economic challenges in the country, the donation can best be described as a blessing in disguise.”

He added that his constituency consists of the oldest suburbs in Bulawayo and has a mixed population ranging from the youths to the elderly. Many in Makokoba cannot afford to put food on the table.

The former Makokoba suburb councillor rendered that majority of the youths informally employed and have been severely affected by the national lockdown.

“Makokoba constituency is made up of two wards which have the oldest suburbs in Bulawayo that is Makokoba, Mzilikazi,and Nguboyenja.

“The population is a mix of youths, middle aged and elderly people and many are not able to fend for themselves, hence the need for assistance towards their general welfare specifically food, payment of council and electricity bills to medical attention is paramount.

“On the other hand, the youths and middle-aged people are also many but out of employment. Most of them engage in informal trading activities which were temporarily banned by the government as a measure to manage new COVID 19 transmissions.”

He however said a long time solution is needed until the economic crisis is over.

“This WFP and DCA cash transfer programmes meant to cushion affected people are very much appreciated and a timeous intervention may be extended for a longer period until the economy recovers fully.”

However, not all affected people are included in this relief programme and according to Sithole an urgent plan is being introduced which will consider those that are not yet beneficiaries.

The WFP and DCA has been granting USD$9 per head in a family, the grant is yet to be raised to USD$12.

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