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Mnangagwa declares ongoing El Nino drought a national disaster

...extends begging bowl to humanitarian organisations

by Bustop TV News

By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE has declared a nationwide state of disaster over El Nino induced drought currently grappling the nation as over 2.7 million people are food insecure.

Addressing a press conference  Wednesday, Mnangagwa extended a begging bowl to humanitarian organisations to donate food towards hunger stricken Zimbabweans.

“The foregoing situation of climate change induced drought requires measures and interventions as provided for in our laws.

“To that end, I do hereby declare a nationwide State of Disaster, due to the El Nino- induced drought.

“By this declaration, I also call upon all Zimbabweans of goodwill, including those in the diaspora, the international community, United Nations agencies, Development and Humanitarian Partners, International Financial Institutions; the private sector, churches and other faith-based organisations, as well as individuals to generously donate towards ameliorating this state of national disaster,” Mnangagwa said.

“Preliminary assessments show that Zimbabwe requires in excess of US$2 billion towards various interventions we envisage in the spectrum of our national response

“Once again, let me assure you, my fellow Zimbabweans, that our national response will be broad, comprehensive and all-encompassing. No one and no place will be left without sustenance.

“Let us remain united, peaceful and supportive of each other, from the family and household levels and within communities, throughout these challenging times,” Mnangagwa added.

Meanwhile Zimbabwe becomes the third nation in Southern Africa to declare a state of disaster due to the El Nino drought.



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