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Redcliff Sewer System Collapse

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Simbarashe Fenton M.

REDCLIFF town sewerage system has collapsed and in need of immediate complete replenishment as raw effluent now poses a serious danger to human health and the environment.

For over a decade sewer pipes have burst in Simbi Park area polluting the environment and flooding roads in and around houses.

“I have been living here since 2005, the sewerage has been oozing out of this drain ever since, we have reported countless times, it is a disaster here and its more than ten years now,” said a resident speaking on condition of anonymity.

The poor sewer system has worsened the already existing water woes.

“The smell is unbearable; it is hard for my kids to play outside because there is sewerage everywhere, it has been worsened by the rainy season, from the door to the gate, to the road, it is a mess here. I can imagine if it was the mayor or our councilor who is residing here, the problem would have been solved in few hours. We pay the bills but we don’t get the services we deserve.” bemoaned MaNcube, a Simbi Park resident.

When quizzed about the existing crisis, and how the council is planning to tackle the issue, Redcliff Mayor, his worship Councilor Masiyatsva advised this publication that the council has a solution in the pipeline for the disgruntled and ‘cheated’ residents.

“The council has flighted a tender for the Simbi Park sewer, we expect to work on it after the rainy season. I have been on site and I am in contact with Simbi Park residents” said Masiyatsva.

Grievances and responses from residents however seem to prove otherwise as far as the council’s responsiveness and accountability is concerned as more and more service delivery issues mount with residents paying the bitter price.

Redcliff Municipality holds a worst record when it comes to poor service delivery, coupled with alleged corruption which has been pin pointed as the core reason for the “death” of the town council ever since the closure of ZISCO Steel.

Meanwhile, government has blamed the MDC led urban councils for poor service delivery and deteriorating community health care system.

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