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Chitungwiza municipality warns illegal land occupants

by BustopTV

By Paidashe Mandivengerei

Chitungwiza Town Council has issued a stern warning to residents who are illegally allocating unoccupied land.

This comes after several cases of locals altering existing lands creating new boundary and distributing open spaces from the council’s land bank were reported.

In a statement, Thursday, Chitungwiza acting clerk, Dr Kasu said any defiance to the order will be met with criminal prosecution as the council is the only official stand distribution authority.

“With respect to the administration of land in Chitungwiza, Council is more concerned than ever that there are some nefarious individuals that have continued to identify open spaces for allocation to themselves, despite it being the stated and explicit policy of the Council that this shall not be allowed. The council is more concerned than ever that,
in Chitungwiza, there continue to be illegal occupations of land and illegal land invasions.

Council is also similarly concerned that in Chitungwiza there continue to be instances and cases whereby individuals take it upon themselves to effect illegal alterations of existing property boundaries.
It is appalling that these despicable and
perverse activities have been happening and are continuing.

For the avoidance of doubt, Chitungwiza Municipality is the sole planning authority
that issue stands in Chitungwiza, the Council is very much aware of its land bank, and the Council is also very much aware of the illegal and irregular activities that are being perpetrated by various malefactors.

Let it be known that, with respect to the administration of land in Chitungwiza, it is the determined and motivated position of the council that, going forward, there shall be absolutely no tolerance of such illegal and improper activities. Would-be perpetrators are being ordered and directed to stop their reprehensible activities forthwith.

Let it also be known; to everyone and anyone that fails or refuses to heed this warning; that
defiance shall be met with definite and decisive action from the Council; and that such action shall include criminal prosecution.”

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