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CWA petitions government over water

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Trevor Makonyonga

The Community Water Alliance (CWA) has petitioned government over the inhuman activities being witnessed at water points in various locations of the country.

Community Water Alliance presented four petitions to the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

The water governance civil organization petitioned the Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Women Affairs and the Ministry of Finance. 

Speaking to Bustop TV, CWA national coordinator , Hardlife Mudzingwa narrated the contents of the petitions.

“The background to the petitions is that there is serious shortage of potable water available for citizens within Local Authorities countrywide, cases of sextortion and violence against women at public water points, deaths of young ones due to falling water storage tanks at households, cases of women giving birth at water access points and recent typhoid cases in GlenView.

“Considering the central role played by access to water on hand washing with soap under running water as one of the COVID19 Prevention Protocols, CWA has engaged Ministries to prioritize water delivery,” he said.

The petitions challenged government to give at least 15% budget allocation for the year 2021 to water and sanitation. with a continuous allocation being extended for at least the 5 years

It urged government to declare access to water a national emergency or disaster to allow resource mobilization targeting water delivery.

it also called for the reviewing of the 1998 Water Act in line with Constitutional Provisions on Devolution, human right to water, social inclusion and gender as well as consideration on management of ground water resources.

CWA has been setting up community water points users committee (CWPUC) at various water points in Harare in order to guarantee security and good hygiene practices on public boreholes .

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