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Attempted murder charges for Mary Chiwenga

by BustopTV

By Kudakwashe Vhenge

Mary Chiwenga estranged wife to the country’s Vice President, Retired General Constantino Chiwenga is beingaccused of attempted murder on the life of his husband, anew charge sheet that has been presented to the High Court today has revealed. 

The complainant (Constantino Chiwenga) is accusing Mary of threating to take his life through traitorous acts from June this year when he was airlifted to South-Africa for emergency medical treatment.

The charge sheet has it that upon arrival, Mary Chiwengadenied his husband access to medical attention leading to his security team forcing its way to take the Retired General to NetCare Hospital in Pretoria.

Upon admission, the complainant was inserted on drip in order to sustain his life. After being transferred to a private ward Constantino was put on 24 hour monitoring by doctors and his security personnel. 

On July 8 2019 at around 20:00, it is reported that the accused came to the hospital with the intent to cause “serious harm” to the life of the Vice President. It is said she ordered the security personnel to excuse her alleging that she wanted privacy with her husband.

Whilst alone, with the accused, Mary Chiwenga unlawfully removed the medical drip which had been inserted to theVice President causing him to bleed profusely.

As it that is not enough, Mary Chiwenga is said to haveforced the ill patient from the bed, held him by hand and moved out from ward before being intercepted by the security personnel at the exit door.

The hospital staff was called by the security personnel and they reconnected the drip and resuscitated the condition of the complainant and Mary Chiwenga disappeared from the hospital after the hospital staff had been alerted.

The charge sheet is requesting for remand of the accused sighting that she is a flight risk as she has properties outside the country hence she might abscond trial proceedings and flee to reside where her properties are.

Mary Chiwenga has pending court cases of fraud, misrepresentation and externalization of money amounting to US$1 000 000.




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