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“We Remain MDC Alliance” – Mahere

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

The bitter fight pitting the various MDC formations has twisted to who owns the name ‘MDC Alliance’ preceding yesterday’s startling revelation by MDC T chairman, Morgan Komichi that his party is now the MDC Alliance.

In response Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere said they remain the legitimate ‘ MDC Alliance’ and that her party owns the name.

Part of the statement reads, “The party restates that it is the MDC Alliance party. It contested the 2018 elections as the MDC Alliance. As the alternative it has MPs in Parliament and councillors in local authorities.

“It has been victimised as the MDC Alliance and will win as the MDC Alliance. It will remain the MDC Alliance”.

Addressing a meeting to celebrate the party’s 21st anniversary at Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi House in Harare, Komichi declared, “going forward we are now the MDC Alliance”.

While political analysts have divided opinions some have urged Chamisa to “rebrand” the party.

United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean academic, Alex Magaisa said the MDC Alliance should drop the “toxic” MDC brand and adopt a new name.

“What has just happened should not shock anyone who has been following the MDC saga. It was foreseeable and it was written. The most important question is the response, which should be ready. There has never been a better time to demonstrate that people do not vote for party names,” he said.

However, political analyst, Frank Chauke put forward a different opinion saying, “There are loud calls for the Chamisa cabal to Rebrand . My submission is that Rebranding without a strategy is meaningless. What is needed is a clear-cut strategy”.

Academic and analyst Davis Laque said, “The Khupe team cannot claim to be the MDC-ALLIANCE. If the MDC-ALLIANCE is a party, then they can’t be two parties at once. lf the MDC-ALLIANCE is a coalition, then who are the other members of that coalition? It’s all about crippling “.

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