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Update On Anne Nhira’s Funeral Arrangements

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Kudakwashe Vhenge

The family of the later actress Anne Nhira has released a statement that states that they are making necessary arrangements for Anne’s remains to be repatriated to Zimbabwe for burial. The statement was shared by socialite Zuva Habane also gave account details for the benefit of those that might want to send contributions to the family.

Nhira succumbed to injuries she sustained during a robbery while she has gone to pray at a mountain  in Johannesburg.

Said the Nhira family in a statement:

13 March 2021 Update on the Funeral Arrangements for Anne Vimbisai Nhira * The African Queen Diva*

It is with great sadness that we must announce that Anne Vimbisai Nhira passed away on Thursday the 10th of March 2021.

We are really overwhelmed and humbled by all the support that we are receiving and we are grateful for the continued support We take solace in seeing that Anne may have been one of our own but she belonged to the world as reflected by the support we are getting from all over the world.

Arrangements are being made to process relevant travel and regulatory documents to necessitate her transportation back to Zimbabwe. Further details will be communicated.

This a very trying time for all of us as friends and family to the late Anne ‘Vimbai’ Nhira. We are appealing to the media and to allow the family to mourn and grieve her passing and refrain from writing malicious statements that are far from truths.

The family has appointed a spokesperson and will not be directly engaging media or taking interviews.

We thank you once again for the continued support and are forever grateful for the love you have for ‘Vimbai’

The Nhira Family

The family also share banking details that can be used by well-wishers to contribute to Anne’s funeral expenses and said:

13 March 2021 Update on the Funeral Assistance and Contributions to the Nhira Family Dearly Beloveds

It has been brought to our attention by the way of numerous requests from most of Anne’s friends , colleagues, business partners and scores of her fans as well as well-wishers both in Zimbabwe and around the world to offer assistance and pay tribute to their icon. The family has decided to allow those whose desire is to do so and the family greatly appreciates this a lot.

The family has been made aware also that certain individuals are soliciting and setting up funding structures in the name of Anne and would like to categorically states that no one has been given a mandate to set up any of that except the official platforms attached herein this release. We strongly advice these individuals to stop this and respect the memory of our beloved sister.

Furthermore we would like to extend insight into the dreams and visions of our late icon Anne Vimbisai Nhira towards which any excess funds beyond the funeral shall be channelled to:

  1. Anne was deeply hurt by how talented artists live their lives to entertain but at the end of their lives they remain with nothing to show for their efforts and sometimes cant afford a decent lifestyle. A trust Fund to assist artists to become in all spheres of life would go a long way
  2. Anne had a vision of a World Class Music Studio initially due to the amazing talent displayed by her 5 brothers who supported her greatly throughout her life
  3. Anne had an enormous desire for talent management which included modelling, acting and music
  4. She was an entertainer and she hoped to produce high quality movies which would be watched on the world’s most popular platforms
  5. A fashion brand of beauty products and clothing.

The family has agreed to follow through these visions coupled with the already existing talent to present a platform that will continue to inspire and motivate young talented youth to reach their dreams Below are the official accounts to be used for this purpose.

Zipit: 1012800173 Steward Bank Mobile : 0776245526

Ecocash: Prince Chibagidi 0776245526

Foreign Account: John Innocent Chibagidi 62737542268 FNB Branch Code : 250655

Paypal. [email protected]

The Nhira Family

Source: Zuva Habane 

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