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This week’s topical news round-up analysis.

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga
It is always a pleasure for us as a nation to have eventful weeks. To have potentially good news always serves as icing on a cake of great events in the country. As for this week, we have had a lot of drama, from the second family “matrimonial” affairs and now a former president of South Africa is in Zimbabwe for only God knows what. The speculative renderings are what we can only fulfil at the moment till we ascertain what this guy is really here for as he is having some “closed” door meetings with the country’s political leaders. For how long will the “second lady” sleep in the cold? Will the husband stay in power? The drama is on.
The king of silence is here
So Thabo Mbeki is in the country. The last time he was here was when there was a political deadlock between the late leaders of the country’s strongest political parties in Zimbabwe that’s Morgan Richard Tsvangirai and Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Mbeki chose to take a stance which was referred to as “quiet diplomacy”. Through this mode of mediation, the general public was left in the dark on issues that were being tabled as it proved to be a “power-sharing” between the two political sides in the truest sense. Now that there is loud poverty in the country, if Mbeki is going to mediate again he definitely has to change his strategy and engage the citizens’ voice. Besides, the two leaders in Zanu PF and MDC now are determined not to bow down hence his stance has to be a little tougher than before. Emmerson Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa are definitely not Bob and MT hence Mbeki has to brace himself for something new. MDC Vice President Welshman Ncube has already shared on twitter that they (MDC) have already met Mr Mbeki and the hope is something fruitful came out of that meeting.
The cold and loud nonsense
The internet and newspapers have been awash with news of the arrest of Marry Chiwenga who is wife to Vice President Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga. The noise being made and the gravity of the issue do not match. This is just a bedroom misunderstanding which has suddenly been turned to national news. So she indeed stole money without her husband’s knowledge? The nation has lost billions of dollars in the administration that VP Chiwenga is involved with and a lot of people being killed in this regime. The question is why treat Marry as if she is the worst person ever when she was just looking out for her needs as per the Zanu PF culture? Who knows, maybe she is just being framed! Otherwise, the story is hogwash and a probable diversion of attention on the real matters in the country.
Thabo Mbeki could be something to shout about and this Marry Mubaiwa issue might have been given more important attention than deserved. Hopefully, nature and time will make sanity prevail. Against all hope, it is expected that Mbeki strikes a deal that will save the nation.

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