Masvingo Poet makes acting debut in Blueroof series

Bernadette "Queen Elizabeth" Mukova

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu 

Masvingo based poet, Bernadette Mukova has made her acting debut starring in the popular comedy outfit Blueroof series.

Mukova plays the role of Queen Elizabeth.

Blueroof which is produced by College Central and Savanna Trust is directed by Derby Bheta a former film and theatre studies student with the Midlands State University (MSU). 

The series centers on college life and students’ experiences with a setting of a boarding house. 

In an interview, Mukova expressed how it is an honor for her to be part of the Blueroof cast.

“It is a great opportunity to come from the peripheries of Zimbabwe and take part in a great production like Blueroof. It is usually hard to sprout from a small town such as Masvingo since you would have to be from the big cities to be relevant.

“From time to time artists from Masvingo town have been sidelined though this place is a hub for talent. So it is great that talent was identified within me and l was given the role, and this shows that talent in Masvingo is being recognized nationally. Masvingo has a lot of talent that just needs to be recognized and will surely produce stars.

Mukova recently got another role in Gonarezhou the movie, which was shot in Masvingo though she had a limited amount of lines and currently is working on getting sponsorship for her poetry.

She advices other artists to pursue their dreams and be on the hunt for opportunities.

“My word of advice is let’s soldier on look for opportunities, get out of our comfort zones.”

In the play, Bernadette plays the role of “Queen” who is a senior student at a local university in level 4.1. She brings in conflict between a love couple Chipo and Zviko. She is involved in regular one night stand with Chipo and at one time, she falsify pregnant claims thereby putting the relationship of the couple into jeopardy.

In the next five years, the energetic female poet cum actress sees herself in developing the country’s film industry to match international standards.

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