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Citizens urged to restore culture of protecting human rights amid govt oppression

by Bustop TV News

Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) has said it is important for Zimbabweans to take responsibility for restoring and maintaining a culture of human rights.

This call comes as the ruling Zanu PF government persistently denies its citizens of civil liberties and governs with oppressive tactics.

In a statement seen by Bustop-TV, ZimRights stated that it is ultimately the citizens who hold the power to cultivate a culture that values and protects human rights.

“At ZimRights, we have great confidence in the power of communities to lead in creating and sustaining a culture of human rights.

“Our 2022 State of Peace Report has unpacked the multiple layers of vulnerabilities for the people of Zimbabwe, with many citizens living in a state of perpetual insecurity,’ partly reads the statement.

Stating that citizens are living in fear, ZimRights said: “We live in a country where the State has collapsed and, in its place, the party rules through fear and intimidation.

“Social protection systems have disappeared, and the social service delivery mechanisms have failed,” the rights organisation said.

The country’s human rights situation remains concerning, prompting human rights organization Amnesty International to urge the African Union (AU) to pressure the Zimbabwean government into respecting human rights. 

ZimRights also expressed their concern over the recent disputed electoral, highlighting the politicians’ unwavering determination to undermine the nation for personal political advantages.

“The recent electoral heist has shown us the determination of politicians to destroy the country for political gain while the election industry, which profits from this perennial meaningless ritual, is equally determined to tick the boxes and look the other side.

“The people suffer the greatest loss as the bickering continues,” ZimRights said.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa emerged as the victor in the highly disputed August 23 and 24 elections, a result that sparked widespread controversy and subsequent acts of retributive violence against opposition supporters.

In the aftermath of the recent elections, the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has disclosed that over 1,500 of its supporters have been forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in safe houses due to the escalation of post-election violence.

Meanwhile, the credibility of the polls has been called into question by various election observers, including the Sadc election observer mission.

These observers have highlighted that the elections did not meet the standards set by local, regional, and international guidelines for conducting free, fair, and credible elections.

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