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Masvingo North MP upholds school building project

by Bustop TV News

Locals in Masvingo North have hailed Brian Mudumi, a Member of Parliament, for his remarkable efforts in improving access to education in the constituency since his recent election.

Despite being in office for just six months, Mudumi has continued a building project that has been ongoing for the past 12 years at Mara Primary school.

With the support of the community, friends, and local businesspeople, he is optimistic that all the classroom blocks will be completed by the end of this year.

Mudumi acknowledged the long distances that local students must travel to access education, emphasizing his goal to construct a minimum of four classroom blocks, teachers’ accommodations, and ensure adequate water and sanitation facilities.

Emson Mberi Murenjekwa, the SDA chairman, commended Mudumi for fulfilling his promise to unite local businesses, the community, and himself in developing the constituency, particularly through the construction of schools blocks.

“He (Mudumi) is creating a lasting legacy for our community and preparing a bright future for the coming generations. We are fortunate to have this young and energetic representative for Masvingo North Constituency, who truly understands the responsibilities of his role,” Murenjekwa.

“It is disheartening to observe that the children in our area have to navigate through dense forests on their way to school, which poses significant risks to their safety. Tragically, one of them fell victim to a heinous act of sexual assault.

“Furthermore, presence of crocodile-infested rivers further compounds the dangers studenta face. Shockingly, one child lost their life to a crocodile attack while attempting to cross. These incidents underscore the pressing need for enhanced safety measures in ensuring the well-being of our young students,”Murenjekwa added.

Dorothy Chipadza (58), a local resident, expressed her gratitude for Hon Mudumi’s efforts to provide safer access to education for children who have to cross dangerous crocodile-infested rivers.

“During rainy seasons, students often miss days of schooling due to the hazardous conditions. Therefore, the efforts being made to address this issue are truly praiseworthy,” Chipadza said.

In an interview with Bustop-TV, Honourable Mudumi emphasized his commitment to lead a constituency that upholds the constitutional rights of children to access education.

He acknowledged the detrimental effects of long distances and flooded rivers, which prevent students from attending school and hinder their learning.

“The distances to the nearest schools are too much, and pupils also cross crocodile infested rivers going to school and it’s not safe. When its raining, students would go for days without going to school,” he said.

Hon Mudumi also expressed gratitude towards the community for their contributions, acknowledging their prior construction of one building.

He mentioned that, with their assistance, he has been able to contribute to the ongoing construction of additional buildings, demonstrating the collective efforts to improve education infrastructure in Masvingo North.

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