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Norton plans to convert crèche into Youth Centre in a bid to curb drug abuse

by Bustop TV News

Norton Constituency member of parliament Richard Tsvangirai has proposed repurposing a local crèche into a much-needed Youth Centre, an initiative that aims to provide a solution to the rising issue of drug and substance abuse within the community.

In a letter addressed to the Acting Town Secretary of Norton Town Council, Tsvangirai revealed that Chelsea Crèche located in Katanga, Norton has the potential to serve as a valuable community asset.

Tsvangirai said the proposal suggests transforming the building into a safe and supportive environment where young people can gather, learn, and grow.

By providing an alternative to drugs and substance abuse, Tsvangirai said this initiative aims to rebuild the community.

“In my constitutionally mandated role of representation, I write this letter to your good office requesting that l turn Chelsea Crèche into a Youth Centre. I am writing to you with a proposal that I believe could significantly benefit our community, more importantly as a solution to drug and substance abuse.

“The Chelsea crèche located in Katanga is a space that holds potential for a much-needed community service. I am proposing that we repurpose this building into a youth centre, a place where our young people can gather, learn, and grow in a safe and supportive environment. This will prevent the youth from turning to drugs and substance abuse which has ruined the community,” the letter partly reads.

Tsvangirai indicated that a Youth Centre in the area would have multiple benefits as it would offer a secure haven for young individuals.

“A youth centre in our community would serve multiple purposes. It would provide a safe haven for our youth, offering them a place to engage in constructive activities, receive mentorship, and develop essential life skills. It would also offer programs such as after-school tutoring, sports, arts and crafts, and other recreational activities,” reads the letter.

He added that repurposing the Chelsea Crèche into a Youth Centre would contribute to the overall enhancement of the community’s aesthetics and functionality.

“Moreover, transforming the Chelsea crèche into a youth centre would contribute to the overall improvement of our community’s aesthetics and functionality,” he added.

Recently, Vice President Dr. Constantino Chiwenga emphasized the urgent need for the government and the church to collaborate in combating the menacing drug and substance abuse scourge in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, the government has implemented multiple strategies to combat drug and substance abuse, impacting not just the younger generation but also a portion of the elderly population.

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