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Mambo Dhuterere Broke Boundaries and Stole the Limelight: OPINION

by BustopTV

By Havok ZW

Since his inception into the prime circles of entertainment a few months ago,Mambo Dhuterere has taken social media by storm. His deep Christian background can be easily felt through his music. His looks can be deceiving too, someone who hasn’t seen his videos wearing the popular apostolic garments will be surprised that they suit him effortlessly and it blends well with his message in music.

My first encounter and experience with his music were so real and worth it. I overheard a track playing in someone’s car at a parking space in South Africa and I asked the old man if he knew the artist and he answered: “mudzidzi uyu ndakangosananiswa nemusic wake kugungano handiziwe zita asi iyi inonzi Dare guru” that was all. I searched for his music on youtube using that name and fortunately found it. I couldn’t believe the name and the person I saw on the video, that was so exciting.

His music speaks volumes, it warns people of fake prophets, gives hope, preaches society decay, ravaging poverty and God’s power over everything on earth. Unlike most apostolic groups and outfits,Mambo Dhuterere makes music which easily relates to anyone from all walks of life. Kids, teens and adults find his music interesting to the ear. He recently released two beautiful tracks one featuring dancehall sensation Seh Calaz song titled “Reurura” and another one with renowned multi-award-winning gospel artist Mathias Mhere . Both tracks are receiving a warm response by fans but his previous tracks are proving to be hot too. Especially the one titled “Mweya Ndisesekedze” and “Dare Guru” which is the title track for his last album proving to be crowd favourites.

Mambo Dhuterere has already started attracting promoters and event organisers as his shows are being advertised mostly in South Africa, caught up with him before this publication and he humbly assured Zimbabwe and everyone outside Zimbabwe that he will continue doing gospel music and will never turn down collaborations to people he had been working with from long since he is a gospel artist.

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