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Enzo Ishall signs new deal

by BustopTV

By Kudakwashe Vhenge

Sensational ZimDancehall artist, Enzo Ishall has today Monday signed a three-year contract with internationally acclaimed TeeMak Promotions at a colourful ceremony that was held at a local hotel in Harare.

The new deal is meant to propel the artist to reach the international audience by bringing onboard financial capacitation and various expertise in order to sprout up the brand “Enzo Ishall”.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Enzo Ishall real name Kudzanai Mamhere expressed gratitude for making a bold move in engaging TeeMak Promotions in order to pursue his aspirations of making a name in the international music scene.

“Today is an important day as it is a day you have come to witness my signing to TeeMak promotions in my quest to make it into the international market. We met TeeMak early 2019 during my Cyprus tour and we have been friends ever since and I have been telling him that if possible I would wish for international collaborations and tours.

“He would always say he will see what he can do for me and it is this year that he called me and said he wants to come down to Zimbabwe so we can talk and today you are all witnessing our agreement,” he said.

The young Malaysian based businessman said that the deal has huge financial benefits to Enzo which include an initial 5 figure payment and monthly allowances for the next three years.

“ The artist is getting five figures United States Dollars that he already got right at the inception of the contract when we were with our lawyers. Other benefits include his monthly allowances well taken care of, his personal life is already financed with a very decent monthly allowance with room for more if there are unforeseen circumstances.

“On the musical side, he will be having videos done for him, recordings were done for him and we are arranging tours for him in Zimbabwe and out of Zimbabwe. We are also in the process of collaborating with other entities in the music industry.

Teemak born Taona Osward Chipunza also said he has worked with a lot of international artists in promoting shows behind the scenes under the Teemak music promotions stable.

The Kanjiva hitmaker who has attracted controversy over his switching managers lately from Chillspot, Passion Java and now Teemak cleared the air over the nature of the relationship with Chillspot and Java and expressed optimism in his new deal.

“Passion Java was just helping me just like the way he helped Uncle Epaton, SoulJah love, Bazooker and the idea of going international was known by everyone so he never failed anywhere as he was not mandated to do anything. He was doing this out of his own will. If anything I want to thank him.

“With Chillspot they are my brothers and not just music partners, they are the ones who nurtured me and I will continue to work with them. Now this is different as this is official and for the first time I am signing an official contract in public so just watch the space.”

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