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Prophet Bushiri impregnated my ex wife – Terrence Mukupe

by BustopTV

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Former Finance deputy minister, Terrence Mukupe and self styled prophet, Shepherd Bushiri have engaged in a social media brawl.

The war of words began when Mukupe claimed that the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) cleric had had an extra marital affair with his ex wife, Rachel and got her pregnant.

Posting on Bushiri’s Facebook page, Mukupe said he had evidence to back his claims.

“Prophet Bushiri you have decided to go public on this? Im after you, if you not that person on the picture be my guest, you cannot be taking advantage of people like that.”

The former Harare East MP also went on to demand back the money he put towards ECG and described Bushiri as a “fake” prophet.

“I want back the R100K that we seeded at your church, false prophet, as your lawyers are ready to sue me please deliver summons im waiting.” he narrated.

In response, the South Africa based Malawian prophet released a statement denying all the allegations Mukupe made against him.

He went onto add that contrary to the chat screenshots, his WhatsApp and iMessage has been inactive for years now.

“His allegations are based on screenshots of chats and messages purpotedly between me and his wife, since 2017 i have not been on Whatsapp nor iMessenger those with access to me know this.

“I have not met with this man’s wife in Malawi as he believes, i was in South Africa for the past 13 months and have never travelled out of this country.

“If he chooses otherwise we will have no option but to engage on that, as a strategy that has become a policy, you all know that since 2019 i have been suing every newspaper that carries fake stories about me,” Bushiri wrote.

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